Information is a valuable resource. Aristotle is a powerful tool to protect information. Aristotle captures the information necessary to better manage resource utilization and maximize network use.

Manage and measure access to information in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of company resources. Have the information you need at your fingertips to improve your knowledge of your company's resources and compliance.

Knowledge as a Powerful Tool!
With Aristotle you can:
• Comply with legislative requirements and regulations to monitor and audit access to protected information.
• Identify fraud and theft of valuable company data.
• Monitor administrative and privileged-user access.
• Track illegal or unethical activity.
• Meet forensic requirements.
• Be proactive to prevent undesirable activity before it becomes a problem or even a liability.
• Validate compliance with policies and standards.

All the historical information you seek is maintained in a very easy-to-search database. Use the easy-to-read default reports, or even create your own custom-tailored reports at whatever security level you choose. Pro-active alerts can provide immediate notification of undesired activity. These real-time e-mail alerts give you the ability to respond quickly and discretely.

Choose Aristotle for business and government or Aristotle Academic for educational institutions. Take a Guided Test Drive today.
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